Inclusivity Statement

At MeJARa, our mission is to champion inclusivity and diversity in every aspect of our work. We appreciate and celebrate the rich variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that our team, partners, and communities contribute.

We assert that every individual, irrespective of their gender identity, deserves menstrual justice and the right to a healthy period experience. We acknowledge that not all females menstruate, while some transgender, intersex, and non-binary individuals do.

Our primary focus lies in addressing the unique needs of adolescent girls who might be marginalized or underrepresented in research and policy.

Our commitment to fostering a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment is unwavering. We promote mutual respect, openness, and collaboration in every interaction.

To ensure diverse perspectives are included, we actively engage with stakeholders from all walks of life, particularly those who may be marginalized or underrepresented. By working together, we aim to develop meaningful and sustainable solutions that tackle menstrual injustice and improve the lives of menstruating individuals worldwide.