MeJARa aims to improve the menstrual experiences of women and girls in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) by working with partners in Guatemala and Nepal.

In Guatemala we have partnered with 32 Volcanoes, a non-profit association focused on regenerative development programs, including food and nutritional sovereignty; agroecology; menstrual health; education; and art. 32 Volcanoes is experienced working with diverse local communities including families, patients with chronic illnesses and indigenous communities to promote integrated social projects.

Carmen Alvarado Benitez is a physician and surgeon and co-founder of 32 Volcanoes. She has a Master’s degree in Child Public Health from the University of Swansea, Wales, and a postgraduate diploma in Design of Regenerative Development Programs from the University of International Cooperation, Costa Rica. Carmen is an expert in human rights and social justice and is committed to fighting the inequalities faced by women and girls in her country.

Menstrual research is limited in Guatemala and there is strong resistance to sexual and reproductive health education from some influential faith groups. Through MeJARa we hope to gain a better understanding of the menstrual experiences of adolescent girls in Guatemala and use these insights and perspectives to develop a multidimensional framework of menstrual justice that is relevant to complex contexts. We look forward to working with Carmen and 32 Volcanoes to do this and hope that together we can improve the menstrual experiences of women and girls in Guatemala and other LMICs.

Written by:

Josephine Mcallister