Members of the MeJARa team recently visited Liverpool to attend the Third Annual Conference of the Menstruation Research Network. The hybrid event brought together researchers, policymakers, activists and practitioners under the theme ‘Inclusive Menstruation: Practice, Research, Action’.

We were delighted to showcase our first project video ‘”No one really cares” – Understanding adolescent girls’ experiences of menstrual pain in Nepal’ at the conference. The video highlights beliefs about menstrual pain and pain management in some areas of Nepal and the impact this has. Using real quotes from adolescent girls, we show that their menstrual pain is dismissed and minimised despite it being debilitating.

In addition, Rebecca Evans, Research Associate, presented a poster on her PhD research which investigated how dysmenorrhea affects school participation in the Philippines and in the UK. Josephine McAllister, first year PhD Researcher, also delivered two oral presentations, one on her PhD research which explores the impact of social norms on adolescent girls’ menstrual experiences in Nepal, and the other analysing where menstruation sits within global health policy.

The conference presentations and activities prompted lively discussion and there were plenty of opportunities to connect with other menstrual advocates at all levels. We particularly enjoyed meeting Dr Sara Parker, who is part of MeJARa’s international advisory committee, and viewing the menstrual education resources she had compiled for Nepal. We are thankful to the Menstruation Research Network conference organisers and hope that the conference continues.

Written by:

Josephine Mcallister